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Haji Shiroo - our favorite Nahari place.  If you get there by 8:30AM, good chance you won't get any breakfast as it tends to sell out. Jama Masjid area - Delhi
Near Turkman Gate of Old Delhi - getting ready to start our breakfast walk and exploration at 8:00AM.  Jama Masjid area - Delhi
The Owner of Haji Shiroo.  His day begins by 6:00AM, when he begins serving his delicious Nahari that started to cook the night before....and ends by about 9:00AM when he is all sold out.  His brother does the evening shift.  Jama Masjid area - Delhi
Haji Shiroo Nahari in Old Delhi.  One of the workers is preparing the batch of Nahari for evening the breakfast stew - prepared the night before - is always sold out by 9AM. Note the wood fired flame below the pot.
Apologise for the fuzzy photo - took it in a rush as I was in a hurry to dig back into the food :-). However, the image does serve to illustrate the delightfully simple Rs. 20 Nahari breakfast at Haji Shiroo in Old Delhi.
Inside Haji Shiroo...while the breakfast comes to an end - around 9am, a cook is already working on slooooow-cooking the Nahari for the evening - which won't be served till about 6:30pm - Jama Masjid area, Old Delhi.
Purani Dilli street scene...with my friend's daughter getting a great view - Jama Masjid area  Old Delhi
A chai walla at work in the Jama Masjid area in Old Delhi during our breakfast walk.
A shop selling breakfast halwa and pooris with a couple of large goats in the foreground - Jama Masjid area - Old Delhi
A Baker selling freshly baked rusks and pastry puffs (khari toast).  The black hole that you see in the back is actually the tiny bakery (Jama Masjid area -  Old Delhi)
The rusks and khari toast at this bakery were delicious and brought back some great childhood memories.  Our 3 month old son looks on!!  (Jama Masjid area -  Old Delhi)
This breakfast Halwa shop is located to the second Nahari shop we ate at - Haji Shabrati Nahari Wale.  It specialised in serving another Cholesterol BOMB!!  Jama Masjid area, Old Delhi
The Cholesterol Bomb is basically a fried piece of toast that is soaked in syrup...similar to a gulab jamun...and then served with a heaping mound of halwa on top.  All for Rs. 4
A family in discussion - Purani Dilli (Old Delhi)
Barber shop with a customer getting an early morning shave - Purani Dilli (Old Delhi)
Halwa for breakfast so precious....a portion is served after careful measurement at Sheeren Bhawan on Chittli Qabar, Jama Masjid area, New Delhi. Sheeren Bhawan has been in place since 1901 making pure desi ghee sweets.
Sheeren Bhawan, Jama Masjid area, Old Delhi.  The Halwa was light on sugar but HEAVY on ghee. Shereen Bhawan makes 40kgs of halwa a day and it is sold out by about 10AM.
A serving of Halwa at Sheeren Bhawan.  Delicious no doubt...but going straight to coat the inside of my arteries :-).  Old Delhi