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Paithan is located on the banks of the Godavari River in Aurangabad district of Maharashtra. Several sites of historical importance have been excavated recently, revealing many interesting facts of the past of Paithan which was formerly called as Pratisthana. This town was the ancient capital of Satvahanas

One of the most important and popular tourist attractions of Paithan is the shrine dedicated to the famous Maharashtrian Sant (Saint), Eknath. The celebrated Sant has a large following in the state and therefore laks of devotees gather at Paithan during Paithan Yatra also called Nath Shashti.

Another factor that makes Paithan famous are the beautiful Paithani sarees woven here - rich and ornately decorated. The sarees are made from fine silk and ‘zari’ borders are decorated with gold or silver. The traditional art of weaving these sarees is believed to be over 2000 years old, with families of the weavers passing on the skills from generation to generation. The sarees are woven by hand and have borders of oblique square designs and a pallu with a peacock design. They are available in single colour or maybe multi coloured. The Paithani sarees are six yard sarees and one of the costliest in Maharashtra, with cost ranging from Rs. 6,000 to Rs.5,00,000.

Places worth visiting in Paithan include Sant Dyaneshwar Udyan, a garden built on the lines of Mysore Garden. Jayakwadi Dam is a beautiful place with a garden where migratory birds and resident birds found here in abundance. Photography is strictly banned here. One can also go visit the ancient river bank steps of Naga Ghat.

Paithan town was a part of the Silk Route in ancient times.

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[ Edit ] History

Paithan was historically called Pratishthanais and dates back to 2,000+ years. 

There are references to Paithan in the renowned Greek book ‘Perplus Maris Erytharaci’, written in the 1st century AD.  In those days the town served as the capital of the Satavahana kingdom that ruled the region from 2 BC to 2 AD.  Paithan was then a renowned centre for education and cultural activities.

Quick Facts

[ Edit ] State

Maharashtra, India

[ Edit ] Location

On the banks of the Godavari River about 55 km from Aurangabad.

[ Edit ] Best Time To Visit

Throughout the year, except during peak monsoon season

[ Edit ] Tourist Offices

Govt. of India Tourist Office, Krishna Vilas, Station Road, Aurangabad - 431005, Maharashtra

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Jayakwadi Dam

The Jayakwadi Dam attracts many migratory birds, some from as far away as Siberia. The dam is a restricted area and visitors are prohibited from driving their vehicles up to the dam site. Photography is also prohibi...More>>>

Shrine of Sant Eknath

The shrine of Sant Eknath draws many devotees who come to pay their respects at his tomb. A gala 10 day festival is held here every March to celebrate the Paithan Yathra or Nathshasthi. Inhabitants of the surroundin...More>>>

The Bathing Ghats

The ancient bathing ghats are still in use and have been very attractively constructed.

The Gyaneshwar Garden (Udyan)

This beautiful garden has been designed on the pattern of the Brindavan Garden in Mysore and the Moghul Garden in Kashmir. It is the largest of its kind in the state of Maharashtra and is very popular with residents...More>>>

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