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    By: Rang7 Team January 5, 2012
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Dalai Lama and his followers are devotes of Lord Buddha and practice and believe in Buddhism. The Tibetans who live in India in exile mainly occupy Dharamsala, which is the seat of the Dalai Lama in Himachal Pradesh, McLeod Ganj, Gangtok in the east and many of the north eastern states of India including Arunachal Pradesh.

Bodhgaya which is the place where Lord Buddha attained enlightment or nirvana and is famous for the Mahabodhi Temple now has two Tibetan museums, and both will display the life story of the Dalai Lama along with the picture of his great achievements including the various awards bestowed upon him.

Both the Tibetan museums were inaugurated by Arunachal Pradesh Chief Minister on 29th and 30thDecember. While one museum will be completely dedicated to Dalai Lama and his life along with compilation of pictures and documents showcasing Tibet during various stages of history, the other museum will showcase and commemorate 50 years of the Tibetan medical and Astrological Institute of His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Also present during the inauguration were Kalon (Minister) Ngodup Dongchung, Department of Security and Mr. Tashi, Additional Secretary of the Department of Information and International Relations, Central Tibetan Administration. After a brief foreword by Dr. Tsewang Tamdrin, the director of the medical institute, Mr. Khandu stated, "The whole museum has been wonderfully organized." Mr. Khandu, who along with his family is one of the chief patrons of the 32nd Kalachakra initiations at Bodhgaya also remarked that he learnt a lot about the difficulties Tibetans had to undergo in their 50 years of exile through the exhibition.

The Tibetan museums were opened to coincide with the Kalachakra Tantra which is a festival celebrated in Bodhgaya where the Dalai Lama preaches his teaching to the devotees and where the monks from his personal monastery, Namgyal, will be doing the rituals and ceremonies to consecrate the area.

Devotees from all around India, as well as other countries such as Nepal, Bhutan and the significant number of Tibetans from Tibet and Chinese also come for this festival. Therefore in order to attract more devotees to visit the newly inaugurated museums pamphlets written in English, Chinese and Tibetan were distributed all around the venue. 



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