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    By: Rang7 Team October 16, 2011
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The festival of Diwali is coming and the bazaars of Jaipur are all sset to be lighted again. Every year the various bazaars in the city are decorated on the basis of themes and this year there are plans to make it much grander.

Each of the bazaars has an association committee which decides on the theme for their bazaar and plans the decorations for Diwali every year. The association committee normally includes shop keeps that have their shops in that particular region. The tradition has to be kept. And the best decorated theme based bazaar will be declared winner for the year 2011.

Tripolia Bazaar is known for its colourful carpets designed with motifs of human figures, landscapes, geometric designs and others. The bazaar is situated between two other bazaars -Chandpole Bazaar and Johari Bazaar and one has to pass though Tripolia bazaar to reach either of the two. This year the bazaar’s association has therefore decided to light up the entire street instead of just the Tripolia Bazaar gate.

Chandanpole Bazaar association is planning a grand decoration too, but something which is unique and what one can describe as “an out of the box idea”. Narotam Jhalani, president of Chandpole Vyapar Mandal said, “We believe in attracting crowd with our out of the box ideas. Over the years, we have decorated the market based on the designs of City Palace, Hawa Mahal and Vidhan Sabha. This year, we have instructed the artisans to showcase the Rajasthani culture in their designs. For such elaborate decoration, the association is counting on the government’s help. As otherwise our expenses will increase by Rs 2 lakh, and it will be difficult for us to arrange the decorations at a grand scale."

The Johari Bazaar Association is planning the decoration on the theme that the city is awaiting for  long time now. Jaipur is soon set to have a metro and the Johari Bazaar gate will be decorated on its lines. Johari Bazaar is one of the most well known bazaars of the city famous for precious, semi precious stones and traditionally designed jewellery including Kundan jewellery which is a specialty of Jaipur city. Parts of the Johari bazaar are often closed on Tuesdays and Sundays.

However shopkeepers at the various bazaars have dismissed any speculations regarding the themes chosen for this year’s celebrations. According to one shopkeeper, no one will disclose their real ideas till the end. All such assumption is circulated only to create confusion. All the bazaar associations want to ensure a last minute surprise so as to win the first prize.

But with high inflation and electricity rates this year the various bazaar association have approached the government for their support. They want the government to subsidize the electricity charges for decorations this year, or else the charges will be too high for them to bear.

Last year’s Diwali winner was Chaura Rasta Vyapar.

Other popular bazaars of Jaipur are Bapu and Nehru Bazaar that is famous for footwear such as jutis and mojris which are colourful and are available in low prices.

Kishanpol Bazaar which is famous for bandhani textiles. Bandhani or tie & dye is a skillful art practiced in Jaipur on a large scale. The fabrics are tied into small knots using threads and are dipped into an array of beautiful colors. After dyeing these knotted parts remain uncolored creating different designs and patterns. The popular patterns are mothda, the chequered design, lahariya, the diagonal strips, shakari, the human and animal figures and ekdali, the design of small circles and squares.


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