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    By: Rang7 Team January 17, 2010
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Dinosaurs. The word your mind relates to movies like Jurassic Park and a world existing million of years ago. Today their traces are left behind in another form. Fossils. Ghughua, a small village in Madhya Pradesh has the National Fossil Park which has a dinosaur egg and other plant and animal fossil dating back to 65 million years ago.

The fossils kept at the museum were discovered by Dr Dharmendra Prasad, honorary secretary of district archaeology union in 1970’s after which a systematic study of the same was conducted.

The National Fossil Park is spread over an area of 27.34 ha in Ghughua and Umaria villages in Dindori district of Madhya Pradesh. It is 76 kms from Jabalpur. There is a collection of various fossils here of which 31 fossil genera of 18 different families have been identified. The main attraction though for tourist is the dinosaur egg. The main visitors of the park are archaeologist, scientist and paleobotanny students

The existence of this huge animal at Ghughua has been explained by scientist. According to them, Ghughua in ancient times had a humid and equatorial climate with uniform temperature all round the year. The annual rainfall was about 2000 mm or more.

The fossils of mollusk at the park suggest the presence of a large water body in those times and speculation arises that an ancient branch of Tethys Sea extended up to Ghughua.

Also in the last stages of Lower Cretacous Era, plants with uncovered seeds which had been on earth for long, began to diminish and were replaced by flowering plants. Many of the plant fossils bear close resemblance to the plants common in today’s times like jackfruit tree, rudraksh, jamun and amla.

The Fossil National Park is very important form the scientific point of view and was notified as Ghughua Fossil national park in 1983 by the Madhya Pradesh state government.





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