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    By: Rang7 Team February 6, 2011
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A tiger from Ranthambore National Park that strayed into Keoladeo Ghana National Park has been given permission to be transferred to Sariska National Park.

T 7 a tiger from Ranthambore recently strayed to Keoladeo Ghana National Park also called Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. The state forest department has now given permission for the transfer of T7 to Sariska National Park.

Sariska National Park which had lost all is tigers a few years ago due to large scale poaching at the park has been the recipient of many tigers transferred from Ranthambore National Park to revive the big cat population here again.

Officials at Keoladeo Ghana National Park too are monitoring the movement of the tiger to ensure its safe passage to its new home as soon as possible.


The city of Bharatpur in Rajasthan was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal in 1733.  Located in north-west Rajasthan, Bharatpur is very close to the border of Uttar Pradesh and thus has become a quick get-a-away for the residents of Delhi. It is ...


Jaipur, often referred to as the "Pink City", beacuse of the olour of the stone used exclusively in this walled city, is a one of the corners of the "Golden Triangle" tourist circuit along with Delhi and Agra. Jaipur, founded by Maharaja Jai Singh II...


Bengal Tigers, Wild Elephants, Asiatic Lions, Rhinos, Alpine landscapes, Marshlands, Tropical Jungles, Birds, Wild Bison, Leopards, Panthers, Deer. Whatever you want, our country has it and more to offer in terms nature and wildlife!!!



India's desert state, and once a collection of princely kingdoms known for their valour and chivalry, Rajasthan is one of the most alluring tourist destinations in India.  Rajasthan's romance is defined by majestic palaces, rugged fort...


To the naturalist, Sariska is home to a wildlife sanctuary with a generous supply deer and a few tigers that make for hours of hopeful game viewing time. But this getaway in the hills has other memorable features for the tourist.  A resort town ...


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Painted Storks at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary (Keoladeo Ghana National Park)
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