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Nelliyampathy is a beautiful hill station in the state of Kerala, located near the town of Palakkad. This tourist hill station is located close to the border of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.  The region comprises of Nelliyampathy hills and mountains, which form a part of the majestic Sahyadri ranges in the Western Ghats, with gorgeous valleys interrupting its flow. Historians believe that a rich civilization was present in Nelliyampathy during the Tamil Sangam period.

The Nellikota mountain ranges are the highest in this region and rise up to an altitude of 1572 m. Padagiri is the highest peak situated in the Nellikota ranges. Vellachimudi, Mayanmudi, Valiyavana and Vela Vanchan are some of the other important peaks of the Nelliyampathy mountain range.  The Nelliyampathy range is a chain of ridge covered with green forests and valleys. Sprawling over the ranges are also plantations of tea, coffee, cardamom and mainly orange. The misty mountains, the breath-taking valleys and intense greenery offer a feast for the eyes.

The road leading up to  Nelliyampathy is beautiful and involves a steep climb with a series of hairpin bends and passes through a number of privately managed farms and tea estates.  The highest point of Nelliyampathy is the Palagapandi Estate which contains a bungalow of British period, that has now been converted to a resort.

Key places to see in Nelliyampathy include: 1) Raja's Cliff (also known as Mampara Peak), 2) Seethakundu Waterfall and viewpoint, and 3) Pothundi Reservoir.  In addition, nearby destinations and attractions to Nelliyampathy include Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Malampuzha Gardens, and Koothampully. On the way towards Nelliyampathy one also catch a glimpse of the Palakkad Gap, a unique geographical formation.

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History of Nelliyampathy:

The hills of Nelliyampathy originally belonged to Vengunad Kovilakam of Kollengode (a principality of the Malabar rulers).  In the late 1800's, he leased out vast tracts of this virgin forest area to the British Government of Madras Presidency.  With this event, British planters entered the region.  The first such planters were Arthur Hall and W.R.M. McKenzie - who in 1877 initially opened up the land for commercial cultivation of coffee.  

By the 1890s, there were an estimated 100+ European planters in the district - most of whom were from the coffee districts of Mysore.  Over the years, these plantations changed hands. Nevertheless, plantations remain the main source of industry in Nelliyampathy.

Today, the lands of Nelliyampathy are substantially owned / controlled by a single plantation company (Poabs Organic Estates Company) and the Kerala Forest Department.


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Nelliyampathy is 75 km from city of Palakkad in Kerala and shares its border between the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

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Nelliyampathy is a great holiday destination and can be visited all year round; however September to May are considered the best months to visit Nelliyampathy.

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The STD code of Nelliyampathy is: 0491



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Malampuzha Gardens

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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

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Pothundi Reservoir

Pothundi reservoir located 26 kms from Nelliyampathy on the road towards Palakad and has enchanting views.  This is a popular picnic spot and many tourists engage in boating activities at the reservior.

Raja's Cliff (Mampara Peak)

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Seethakundu Waterfall

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Sholayar Pass

The view of the Sholayar Pass from the Nelliyampathy Hills is spell-binding and it simply takes your breath away.


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