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Gudi Padwa

[ Edit ] Overview

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the 1st day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar. It is celebrated as New Year's Day by  Maharashtrian community. According to the Marathi calendar, the first day of Chaitra marks the beginning of spring.

“Gudi” means a banner raised to announce victory and joy while “Padwa” derived from the Sanskrit word “Pradurbhu” meaning the 1st day of the lunar month.

The festival is celebrated at the end of the Rabi crop season and at this time fruits are harvested and sent to the markets.

Gudi Padwa 2013 is on April 11, 2013 (Thursday)

Gudi Padwa 2014 is on March 31, 2014 (Monday)

Gudi Padwa is celebrated as Ugadi in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

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Quick Facts

[ Edit ] When Is

When is Gudi Padwa?

Gudi Padwa is celebrated on the 1st day of the Chaitra month of the Hindu calendar (April).  

In 2013, Gudi Padwa is celebrated on April 11, 2013 (Thursday). 

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[ Edit ] Duration

Gudi Padwa is a single day celebration.  

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[ Edit ] Where

Gudi Padwa is mainly celebrated in Maharashtra.

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[ Edit ] Also Known As

Celebrated on the same day and for the same reasons, Gudi Padwa is called as Ugadi in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka.

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[ Edit ] Dedicated To

As Gudi Padwa marks the start of a New Year, it is not dedicated to any particular god.  However, Lord Brahma is credited with have created the Universe on this day.

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[ Edit ] Significance

The signficance of Gudi Padwa is that it is observed as start of the Hindu New Year with the onset of spring and the start of the harvesting season.

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[ Edit ] Legends/History

THe History and Story Behind Gudi Padwa

There are many legends and stories on the origins of Gudi Padwa. Many believe that Lord Brahma created the universe on this day. Other legends state that it was on this day that King Vali was killed by Lord Rama. Yet others say that Lord Vishnu is said to have incarnated as Matsya, the fish today. Others say that the Age of Justice and Truth called “Satyoga” began on this day. Most people in Maharashtra believe that Gudi Padwa marks the victory of Shivaji Maharaj who led his Maratha forces by conquering various regions.

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[ Edit ] Traditions And Celebrations

Gudi Padwa Traditions and Celebrations:

On the day of Gudi Padwa, Maharashtrians wake up early in the morning, clean their homes and decorate entrances of their homes with beautiful rangoli designs. Then Gudi is worshipped within 5-10 minutes of sunrise. Gudi is a green or yellow colored silk cloth with zari or brocade work on it that is tied to the tip of a long bamboo over a “Gathi” (type of sweet), neem leaves, mango leaves and a garland of marigold flowers. A brass or silver cup or kalash with a swastika marked on it is placed upturned over this. This Gudi is worshipped and then placed on the right side of the entrance where all passerby’s can see it. The Gudi is believed to cleanse evil from the home and bring in prosperity and good luck and the right side symbolizes the active state of the soul.

After the Gudi is worshipped prasad made of neem leaf paste, tamarind, ajwain, pulses and jaggery is distributed. The neem leaf paste is said to purify the blood and build immunity against diseases.

New clothes are worn on this day. Families gather together and have meals together. 

As Gudi Padwa is considered to be an auspicious day, many people start new ventures on this day. It is a common day to conduct house warming pujas and celebrations, or to begin a new business.

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Festival Fun

[ Edit ] Food / Recipes

Gudi Padwa Food:

Meals during Gudi Padwa consist of Puran Polis (sweet rotis), Soorith Pak, Usal, Shrikand (yogurt based dessert), Pooris (deep fried bread), Jalebis, and Basundi.

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[ Edit ] Music / Dance

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[ Edit ] Other Information

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SMS & Greetings

[ Edit ] SMS Wishes

The following are a few Gudi Padwa SMS wishes and greetings to share with you and your family.  If you have any other Gudi Padwa SMS' that you particularly like, please share them here for the benefit of the Rang7 community.  Thanks.

  • This Gudi Padwa, may you be blessed with good fortune as long as Ganeshji's trunk, wealth and prosperity as big as his stomach, happiness as sweet as his ladoos and may your trouble be as small as his mouse. 
  • Happy Gudi Padwa!!
  • May lights triumph over darkness. 
    May peace transcend the earth. 
    May the spirit of light illuminate the world. 
    May the light of Gudi Padwa show us the way and lead us together on the path of peace and social harmony 
  • Memories of moments celebrated together…….
    Moments that have been attached in my heart, forever…….
    Make me Miss You even more this Gudi Padwa.
    Hope this day brings in Good Fortune & Abounding Happiness for you!

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[ Edit ] Greetings

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