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Ambedkar Jayanti

[ Edit ] Overview

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated as the birthday of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, or B.R Ambedkar, who was born on April 14th 1891.  Fondly and more popularly known by the name of Babasaheb, or Father of Indian Constitution, he was born at Boomat Military Headquarters of War in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

B.R. Ambedkar belonged to a Maharashtrian family from the town of Ambavadi in the Ratnagiri disrtrict of Maharshtra. His family belonged to the Hindu Mahar caste who were regarded as untouchables and subjected to socio economic discrimination.

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Quick Facts

[ Edit ] When Is

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated every year on 14th April

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[ Edit ] Duration

1 day

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[ Edit ] Where

Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated all over India

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[ Edit ] Dedicated To

Ambedkar Jayanti is dedicated to Dr. BR Ambedkar celebrating his birth anniversary

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[ Edit ] Significance

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[ Edit ] Legends/History

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar is a legend. He was the fist "untouchable" known to have received a college educatio, go to U.S. and England for higher studies where he studied law and earned multiple doctorates, and conducted research in the field of law, economics, and political science. He was amongst the most highly educated people in India during its struggle for independence.

He came back to India and practiced law for a few years after which he started publishing journals advocating political rights and social freedom for India’s untouchables. He dedicated his life to the upliftment of the deprived section of society - the Dalits regarded as untouchables. Today the Dalits worship him as God. 

Coming from the backward caste of the society which is treated as downtrodden and untouchables, Dr. Ambedkar was their leader, a semi God figure to most of them. He fought against untouchability and the caste system and started the Dalit Buddhist movement. He fought for separate electorates and reservation for the Dalits. He began public movements and marches to open up and share public drinking water sources and even began the struggle for a Dalit to rightfully entry any Hindu temple. He was an Indian jusrist Bahujan political leader and a Buddhist revivalist.

One of his life highlights was being a part of the drafting committee of the Indian constitution. He wrote 90% of the Constitution and  is therefore rightly called the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution or Father of the Indian Constitution. A social reformer of great credentials he played an important role in The Indian Independence movement.

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[ Edit ] Traditions And Celebrations

14th April, his birthday is celebrated as a public holiday all over India. Many of the Dalit organizations carry out huge procession in his memory. Rallies are held at open grounds, cultural activities take place. Dalit Melas are held in various parts of the country.  Prayers, meetings and memorial speeches are organized in all state capitals as Ambedkar Jayanti is observed in both public and private sectors.

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[ Edit ] Other Information

Due to injustice meted out to the Dalits by the higher caste Hindu’s he condemned and rejected Hinduism and Hindu philosophy. He embraced Buddhism, and even led is supporters to convert to hat religion and wrote a book on Buddhism.

Dr. B.R.Ambedkar was the first Law Minister of India. He was honoured with the Bharat Ratna, the highest Indian civilian award. He died on 6th December, 1956 at his home in Delhi.

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