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Akshayavat meaning immortal banyan tree, is located within the Patalpuri temple. It has been described in several ancient scriptures, and by several writers and historians.

According to a legend it is believed that people used to jump to their death from here in the hope of achieving salvation. People who can jump from the tree would atatin immortality.

The tree stands...More>>>

All Saints Cathedral

This 13th century Gothic style cathedral was designed by Sir William Emerson. Also called Pathar Girja by the local people, it has retained most of its stained glass work and marble alter.

Allahabad Fort

The largest fort built by Emperor Akbar in 1583 A.D., the Allahbad Fort stands huge and grand on the banks of the Yamuna river near the confluence site of Triveni sangam. In its prime, the fort was unrivaled for its design, construction and craftsmanship. The fort has three magnificent galleries flanked by high towers and its outer wall is still strong and rises above the water edge.

Ashoka Pillar

This gigantic Ashoka pillar is made of polished sandstone and stands at a height of 10.6 meters. The pillar was originally erected by the Mauryan emperor Ashoka in 3rd century BC but was later moved to the Allahabad fort by the Mughal emperor Jahangir.The Pillar had a Persian inscription of Emperor Jahangir inscribed on it to commemorate his accession to the throne.

Hanuman Temple

This Hanuman temple has special significance as it is the only one in North India, where the idol of Lord Hanuman is seen in a reclining posture.

Kumbh Mela

Kumbh Mela is one of the biggest festivals and attractions in Allahabad.  Held once every twelve years, it is said to attract one of the largest gatherings of human beings to one place. The main event of this festival is a ritual bath at the banks of the river. Other activities include religious discussions, devotional singing, mass feeding of holy men and women and the poor, and religio...More>>>

Patalpuri Temple

Within this underground temple, inside the fort, lies the Akshayavat - or the immortal tree. Believed to have been visited by Lord Rama, the temple was also seen by the famous Chinese traveler and writer Hiuen Tsang during his visit to the place.

Shankar Viman Mandapam

This temple which is near the Triveni Sangam is 130 ft. high with four floors. It has the idols of Kumaril Bhatt, Jagatguru Shankaracharya, Kamakshi Devi (with 51 Shaktipeethas around), Tirupati Balaji (With 108 Vishnus around), and Yogshastra Sahastrayoga Linga (with 108 Shivas around). 

Triveni Sangam

The sacred Sangam is the confluence of three of the holiest rivers in Hindu mythology - Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. The place of confluence of these rivers is of great religious significance to the Hindus as it is believed that at this spot that few drops of the nectar fell from the hands of the gods, and therefore taking a bath in the water here will wash out all your sins. Acc...More>>>

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